Cross-cultural training


Building cross-cultural understanding is an important resource for organisations to ensure that they can navigate smoothly and able to resolve any potential conflict. Knowing how to adapt one’s communication style and content in a multicultural context to make it more inclusive is a key resource. The trainings I design are tailored to the particular needs of each client and geared towards developing cross-cultural communication skills, building an inclusive way of being, managing cross-cultural conflict, learning how to make diversity and the acceptance of difference a core value.

Learning objectives include cultivating an understanding of:

  1. Different cultural contexts, viewpoints, stereotypes and generalisations
  2. The dynamics of intercultural interactions and communication styles
  3. The dimensions of intercultural interactions that impede collaboration across different cultures and that can add to conflict
  4. How to reflect on and adapt to difference
  5. How to communicate effectively across cultures (in scenarios such as giving feedback and dealing with different personalities